Wednesday, December 16, 2009

AULO December Performances

------------ Thursday, 17th December ------------

@ Media Lab 4th Floor, Hämeentie 135 C

AULO plays 5 min. Free Improv - scheduled in Media Lab Demo day
( sometime 1 pm onwards)

----------- Friday, 18th December --------------------

@ Ptarmigan, Nilsiänkatu 10

The AULO collective will present three sets:




+ DJs

Come enjoy the last night at Ptarmigan before Joulu!

doors open 7pm
music starts 8pm

see you all !!!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Rehearsal / Meeting -- 15.12 (Tomorrow) klo 16:00 Mlab, TaiK

hi all,

It seems like Tuesday 15.12 (tomorrow) is good for all of us to meet
once before our December performances. I will try to be there a bit
before 16:00 to put things together.

see you all tomorrow.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Rehearsal / Meeting -- 09.12 klo 16:00 Mlab, Taik

We will mainly rehearse with both Demo Day and Ptarmigan performance
structures. I sent an email to Jon, requesting 2 time slots in the
demo day, 5 min each, one for the performance and one for the
presentation of AULO in general. I cannot access to Onni anymore, Jon
might be busy organizing demo day activities, If anybody will be at
Mlab today, can you please talk to Jon in person about our AULO demo
day request so that we can discuss about our technical requirements on

Seems like we are running out of time a bit, I would suggest to use
the whole 3 hours (16:00-19:00) this Wednesday!!

see you all on Wednesday!!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rehearsal / Meeting -- 02.12 klo 16:00 Mlab, TaiK

Yesterday, I sent the updated AULO toolkit version to all of you, now
it is time to practice with our conducting tool in a continuous
performance task. Tomorrow, we will rehearse three approximately 20
min. improvisation sessions ( 3 X ~20 min. ).

see you tomorrow,


Thursday, November 26, 2009

7th Rehearsal

Hi all,

It was a great experience when we finally began practicing with our
AULO conducting toolkit properly. Here I uploaded our rehearsal
recording. I combined them all in a one wav file. We had some
recording technical difficulties in our first two sessions, but the
rest of them are in 5 min. range.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Rehearsal / Meeting -- 25.11 klo 16:00 @ Mlab, TaiK

Hi all,

I just sent AULO conducting toolkit zip file to each AULO performer.
If you didn't receive it, please send me an email. It will be good if
you can practice a bit with this interface before our next Wednesday
rehearsal session. It might be also good to work on the control layers
of your instruments. We will practice using the conducting toolkit,
and we will take turn in conducting as well.

see you on Wednesday,


Thursday, November 19, 2009

6th Rehearsal

AULO conducting tool requires more update, but seems like beginning
from next session (next Wednesday) we will be able to practice with
our toolkit properly. Recording of our 6th rehearsal is now @


Monday, November 16, 2009

Rehearsal / Meeting -- 18.11 klo 16:00 @Mlab, TaiK

Hi all,

Beginning from this week we will have AULO rehearsal/meeting sessions
every Wednesday till our December gigs 17-18.12. So next rehearsal
will be this Wednesday, 18.11 @ 16:00, Media Lab 3rd floor meeting
room. Last session we had some problems with the available audio
cables, please remember to bring your own audio cables/adapters
together with you.

see you on Wednesday,


5th Rehearsal

Last Wednesday, we began rehearsing/practicing with the AULO
conducting toolkit for the first time and immediately this practice
resulted in lots of demands and comments about how this toolkit should
work. I will try to make the updates ready for our next session, which
will be this Wednesday, 18 November. There was something wrong with
the last session recording, here I uploaded a 1.49min of recording @


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rehearsal / Meeting -- 11.11 klo 16:00 @ Mlab, TaiK

We will meet tomorrow, Wednesday 11.11, @ 16:00, Media Lab 3rd floor
meeting room for our next rehearsal. During this session we will
practice our new AULO conducting tool-kit. Set up for each laptop
might take time, it might be good if you can be there a bit before
16:00. The recording of our last session is @
and the assignment, @

see you tomorrow,


Thursday, November 5, 2009

4th rehearsal recording now up on SoundCloud

Julian uploaded the rehearsal recording , @
, very nice improvised noise!!! Intro developed into a dynamic noise
structure around 2.19 min. and nice noise attacks at 6.03 min and

any comments?!!


Friday, October 30, 2009

4th Rehearsal and Assignment due 11 November 2009

Segmented Noise structures resulted in interesting pattern creation in
our improvisation. Earlier we practiced with different noise attacks
through Jari's conducting. The guidance in this conducting practice
brought up new ideas for our performances as well. I already sent a
message to Jon about dmx lighting possibilities, but seems like we
will use light to support our conducting model. Hopefully, in our next
rehearsal, we will begin to practice with AULO conducting model.
Julian, can you send email to AULO when you upload the rehearsal
recording to soundcloud?

001_Control layers in AULO instruments

Each AULO member will develop/improve current control interfaces of
the instruments that have been used in AULO rehearsals. This layer
will make it possible to have full control on START/STOP/DURATION/
AMPLITUDE modules on our instruments.



Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rehearsal / Meeting -- 28.10 klo 16:00 @ Mlab, TaiK

Hi all,
We will meet on Wednesday 28.09 at 16:00, Media Lab. 3rd floor meeting room for AULO rehearsal/meeting. You can find the assignment due Wednesday @ and  recordings of the earlier rehearsals @

We will also discuss the coming up December AULO performances, we will play first on Thursday, 17th December @ Mlab Demo day and later on Friday, 18th December @ Ptarmigan.

see you on Wednesday,




Thursday, October 22, 2009

Assignment due 28 October 2009

001_Noise and Controlled Segments

AULO members will build an instrument that will process and manipulate
the sound to output noise. Output should have the dynamic
characteristics of white noise. Control parameters will manipulate the
dynamics ( the amount of happenings/information/differences in the
structure of that particular sound) and control the amplitude level.
The instrument should output loud and rich full sounds.

Instrument should also make it possible to control segments of
performance duration during live practice. It should be easily stopped/
activated/ , producing immediate sound output.

see you next Wednesday,


Monday, October 19, 2009

3rd Rehearsal and AULO performances in December

AULO rehearsal was based on the second assignment and it turned out a
very interesting low frequency-loop structured group improvisation.
You can find the recording @

In December, we will perform first on Thursday, 17th December @ Mlab
Demo day and later on Friday, 18th December @ ptarmigan. Please save
these dates in your calendar and we will talk more during our next

I will send another post later for the next assignment!!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Assignment due 14 October 2009

001_ Low Frequencies ONLY - 100 Hz
Each AULO member will create an instrument that will output only low
frequencies. Audio outcome of the instruments will be lower than 100

002_ Loop
Develop a module in your instrument that will make it possible to
create repetitive loops and control the loop duration.


Friday, October 2, 2009


hi Shinji,

I dont think that anyone will have any objections to this. Please feel
free to play i and also please let us know the time/date of your radio

here are the links to our rehearsals. so far we have only two.

2nd rehearsal

1st rehearsal


On Oct 2, 2009, at 10:21 AM, Shinji Kanki wrote:

> I have an idea.
> I would like to present AULO together with some other "old" orch.
> like the former ImproMasters, Helsinki Computer Orchestra in my
> radio show.
> Would it be OK to play the last recording? Probably a part of it?
> Let me know.
> - shinji

2nd Rehearsal

AULO is on the way to find its own practice and it is currently
developing very well. In our last session, Reha introduced her
instrument, impromptu (, an audio
programing environment which has s code/syntax based structure. I am
not totally sure whether it is open source or not, but it is at least
free distributed and Reha processed interesting sounds with it. We
also had a nice discussion on our performance conducting strategies.

Our last improvisation practice is now available @

We are kindly asked to perform during Media Lab. autumn demo day in
December. Yesterday I met Teemu and he wanted Media Lab performance to
be the first AULO public performance, so we will have a tight schedule
in December :)

Later on during next week, I will send you more info about the next

have a nice weekend,



Monday, September 28, 2009

Rehearsal / Meeting -- 30.09 klo 16:00 @ Mlab, TaiK

Hello everybody,

Every other Wednesday AULO meetings will continue on 30.09 at 16:00,
Media Lab. 3rd floor meeting room. You will find the meeting room at
the end of the corridor where you will see the kitchen on your left.
Those who couldn't make it to our previous meeting they will still do
the assignment (
for Wednesday. Also please remember to bring your audio cables.

see you on Wednesday.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Notes from the Rehearsal

We did our first rehearsal yesterday at Media Lab 3rd floor meeting
room. Based on the assignment Jari introduced his emulator ported
megasound instrument. It was quite impressive when he began to apply
different filters on the sample channels. Julian introduced his
Supercollider instrument with feedback+reverb manipulation pitch
changes. That sounded interesting and gave a frequency modulation
sound effect when he was changing the pitch values. I did introduce
Pure Data instrument with sinusoidal wave synth instrument where you
can manipulate both the sample index and the center frequency of the
effected voltage controlled bandpass filter. After that, we did 20 min
free jam session. I already uploaded the recorded audio file to
, soundcloud can be a good place to keep our recorded sessions.

Those who could not make it for yesterday, they will still do the
for the next rehearsal which will be on Wednesday, 30th September.
3rd Floor Meeting room has benefits comparing to the lecture room, if
it will be available for our rehearsals we can meet at 16:00. I will
post the rehearsal time later to the blog.

btw, sorry for the earlier spam email I sent, I meant to send it to
Matt; however, the suggestion at the end of the sentence in that email
concerns all of you !! :)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First AULO Rehearsal --Tomorrow-- reminder--

Just to remind you, AULO's first rehearsal session will be tomorrow at
17:00 Media Lab (Hämeentie 135 D) 3rd Floor Lecture room. Please
remember to bring your own audio cables and plugs. I would like to
also remind you the assignment for tomorrow as well. check the earlier
post @

see you tomorrow,


M.Koray Tahiroglu
tel: +358 45 233 6272

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Assignment due 16 September 2009

Assignment due 16 September 2009

001_Configure your laptop for AULO activities

what kind of software are you going to use in AULO activities? Read/
figure out what is real-time processing? Are you planning to involve
any additional interfaces other than laptop's keyboard and mouse/tab?

002_Prepare a 2 min demo

each AULO member will introduce his/her instrument (laptop+software
+interface) during the rehearsal.

003_Search for audio softwares that are used by the majority of the
laptop musicians, which enable real-time processing in computer music

--- don't forget!! ---, we are strongly supporting open source free
softwares, look through the following ones write down what is good for
each one

Pure Data




notes from our first meeting

Hello everybody,

I guess it was a great start with fruitful discussions and future
directions. Here are couple of notes for those who could not make it
yesterday's meeting and also agreed rehearsal-schedule for all of us.

We agreed to meet every other Wednesday at Media Lab, 3rd floor for
AULO rehearsals. First rehearsal will be on Wednesday 16th, September
at 17:00. We will meet at the 3rd floor, lecture room. If the 3rd
floor meeting room will be available for AULO rehearsals, later on it
will be possible to begin rehearsals at 16:00 as well.

"Algorithmic Conductor" strategy was highlighted by Matti and Antti
during our meeting, which brought up immediately some AULO composition
opportunities and I guess we should spend some time in our coming
meetings to discuss more on this.

We also agreed to keep AULO in a free-academic structure, therefore we
will have some assignments for each rehearsal meeting. Today, later on
I will send our first assignment for the next rehearsal meeting in a
separate post.

For the rehearsal sessions, we will need to connect each laptop to the
main PA set up through available sound mixers. In order to do that,
each AULO member will bring audio cables with 1/4 inch jack stereo
plug on one end and with 1/8 inch stereo plug on the other end.
. 1/8 inch stereo is for the common laptop audio output, if you will
have a different setup, you will need a suitable plug for that.

if you will come up with any issues to discuss before our next
rehearsal meeting please send it as an email to
, so that your messages will be posted on our blog site and replies
also should be send to, so that
everyone can follow the discussions.

I guess all in all it was a good meeting for the beginning :)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First meeting Reminder --Tomorrow at 16:00, Media Lab, 3rd Floor Lecture Room


just to remind you the previous meeting post,

first meeting will be tomorrow at 16:00 , Media Lab, TaiK,
( Hämeentie 135 D) , 3rd Floor Lecture Room.

see you tomorrow,


Friday, August 21, 2009

-- First Meeting-- 02.09 klo 16:00 @ Mlab 3rd Floor Lecture Room

Hello everybody,

here it our first meeting announcement, pls feel free to share this in
your networks!!

Aalto University Laptop Orchestra - AULO - aims to bring together all
kinds of interests for sharing experimental/electronic music
experience in live performances. AULO is an open group for
experimenting collaborative laptop music both in academic and free

The first AULO meeting will be held on Wednesday, 2nd September from
16:00 - 18:00 at Media Lab (TaiK) 3rd floor Lecture room.

If you would like to take part in AULO rehearsals and performances,
please join us for our first meeting.

During this meeting, we aim to hear everyone's ideas, thoughts,
expectations for AULO and discuss more about having regular meetings
to play/rehears/experiment together. I will also bring some listening
materials for the first session and if you have any related laptop
orchestra recordings please bring them together with you!!!

meeting time & place

16:00 Wednesday, 2nd September

Media Lab, TaiK (3rd floor, Lecture Room)

Hämeentie 135 C-D
The entrance to the Media Lab 3rd floor is in the in the D-stair.

more contact info

enjoy the Night of Art!!!


M.Koray Tahiroglu
tel: +358 45 233 6272

Thursday, August 20, 2009

AULO - First meeting - 02.09 16:00 @ Mlab

hello everybody,

hope you are all back to Helsinki and had a good summer!!

Before we announce AULO meeting day to everyone, those whom might be
interested to join AULO, I wanted to circulate the first meeting day
proposal among us.

what about Wednesday, 2nd of September at 16:00 @ Mlab, TaiK ?

with this meeting we might aim to hear everyone's ideas, expectations
and talk more about to have regular meetings to play together. I will
bring also some listening materials for the first session and if you
have any related laptop orchestra recordings please bring them. Lets
have a listening session as well during this meeting.

so, lets agree with the meeting day today,

if you agree with Wednesday, 2nd of September at 16:00 @ Mlab, TaiK,
or propose another time-day during the same week, please send an email
to today.

see you soon,


M.Koray Tahiroglu
tel: +358 45 233 6272

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Electric MONSTER laptop ensemble

Hello everybody,

Petri Kuljuntausta posted the below announcement yesterday, and I thought that, even the deadline is pretty soon, maybe we can submit an AULO performance proposal. I will work on this in early August, and I hope most of you will be in Helsinki during the first week of August so that we can have our first AULO meeting and discuss about this issue. Meanwhile, we can of course discuss here on-line.

The Electric MONSTER laptop ensemble at Montana State University will
be born in the fall of 2009. Director Hsiao-Lan Wang is looking for a
few more works written specifically for laptop ensemble. Once
selected, there will be a guaranteed performance of the work this

First, please contact Hsiao-Lan directly to express your interest and
talk about specifics of the technology used.

Deadline of submission: 08/14/2009
Style: open
Who we are: Montana State University, music technology program, up to
12 students/laptops
Contact: Hsiao-Lan Wang,


Thursday, June 11, 2009

AULO as a course proposal PART II

I got another email from Aalto University / Media Factory education
coordinator replying as - this course proposal is interesting but it
is a bit far from our thematic "epicenter".

It seems like we couldn't resonate with Aalto University education
"mind" at all, seems like we have to narrow our target-interest scope
a bit.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

AULO as a course proposal

I just received an email from Markku Nousiainen, whom I sent earlier
AULO course proposal for the Aalto University / Aalto Media Factory.
It seems like they cannot really promise anything for this course,
stating that individual courses in Aalto should support their long-
term plans.

Most probably we will be all alone for the autumn term, but AULO will
start and hopefully have one public performance till December and lets
see after December if we can find a place for AULO in any curriculum.
I will keep on contacting with people about this.


The website of the former ImproMasters

Just a reference for AULO.

- shinji

Thursday, June 4, 2009

AULO Mobile

It seems interesting. I think It could even be expanded as mobile
devices orchestra if there is enough software to use in future.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

AULO set up

Two things that should be considered: 1. Personally I like the way, Koray, you said "AULO is an open group for laptop music performances". However there is another way that is strategically wiser: to put AULO as a project course in Aalto Univ. curriculum (Media Factory, or whatever called). AULO could set up its project budget and could invite some guests, and employ probably a project coordinator/leader. The problem with HCO was that there was no money to run it and no one took care of it. It was too open format. 2. Since there are so many laptop orchestras and most of them are in institutions, why not AULO, or AALTO Univ. starts to plan a LO festival here in Helsinki. Probably 2010 summer? - shinji

AULO Blog as AULO mailing list

Welcome to the Aalto University Laptop Orchestra,

AULO blog site will be used for posting and sharing news, info, announcements, ideas and it will be accessible to everyone. Members will also receive email from AULO blog site whenever a new post is sent. In a way, AULO blog site will act like a malinglist, and this will let us to keep our archives accessible at anytime.

There are 2 ways for sending a new post or comment to AULO blog site;

1) you need to have a gmail account and send membership request to email address, after that you can sign in AULO blog site and send your posts.

2) you can send your posts directly to email address as a regular email. Your email will be displayed as a post in AULO blog site automatically.

more news will be @ AULO Blog site!!



Monday, June 1, 2009

like-minded friends around the world

The Seattle Laptop Orchestra

New York University Laptop Orchestra

The Berlin Laptop Orchestra

The Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk)

The Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLork)

Moscow Laptop Orchestra or Cyberorchestra

The London College of Communications Laptop Orchestra

The Tokyo Laptop Orchestra

the Music In Mouvement Electronic Orchestra

EMU Ensemble

mailing list!!

lets begin to collect contact infos and join to AULO mailing list!!
simply send an email to including your name and other contact info. will be our mailing list address.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Hello Everybody!!

This is the official blog for Aalto University Laptop Orchestra!!

Please, feel free to post your comments, announcements or any compositional / improvisational ideas for AULO.