Monday, September 28, 2009

Rehearsal / Meeting -- 30.09 klo 16:00 @ Mlab, TaiK

Hello everybody,

Every other Wednesday AULO meetings will continue on 30.09 at 16:00,
Media Lab. 3rd floor meeting room. You will find the meeting room at
the end of the corridor where you will see the kitchen on your left.
Those who couldn't make it to our previous meeting they will still do
the assignment (
for Wednesday. Also please remember to bring your audio cables.

see you on Wednesday.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Notes from the Rehearsal

We did our first rehearsal yesterday at Media Lab 3rd floor meeting
room. Based on the assignment Jari introduced his emulator ported
megasound instrument. It was quite impressive when he began to apply
different filters on the sample channels. Julian introduced his
Supercollider instrument with feedback+reverb manipulation pitch
changes. That sounded interesting and gave a frequency modulation
sound effect when he was changing the pitch values. I did introduce
Pure Data instrument with sinusoidal wave synth instrument where you
can manipulate both the sample index and the center frequency of the
effected voltage controlled bandpass filter. After that, we did 20 min
free jam session. I already uploaded the recorded audio file to
, soundcloud can be a good place to keep our recorded sessions.

Those who could not make it for yesterday, they will still do the
for the next rehearsal which will be on Wednesday, 30th September.
3rd Floor Meeting room has benefits comparing to the lecture room, if
it will be available for our rehearsals we can meet at 16:00. I will
post the rehearsal time later to the blog.

btw, sorry for the earlier spam email I sent, I meant to send it to
Matt; however, the suggestion at the end of the sentence in that email
concerns all of you !! :)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First AULO Rehearsal --Tomorrow-- reminder--

Just to remind you, AULO's first rehearsal session will be tomorrow at
17:00 Media Lab (Hämeentie 135 D) 3rd Floor Lecture room. Please
remember to bring your own audio cables and plugs. I would like to
also remind you the assignment for tomorrow as well. check the earlier
post @

see you tomorrow,


M.Koray Tahiroglu
tel: +358 45 233 6272

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Assignment due 16 September 2009

Assignment due 16 September 2009

001_Configure your laptop for AULO activities

what kind of software are you going to use in AULO activities? Read/
figure out what is real-time processing? Are you planning to involve
any additional interfaces other than laptop's keyboard and mouse/tab?

002_Prepare a 2 min demo

each AULO member will introduce his/her instrument (laptop+software
+interface) during the rehearsal.

003_Search for audio softwares that are used by the majority of the
laptop musicians, which enable real-time processing in computer music

--- don't forget!! ---, we are strongly supporting open source free
softwares, look through the following ones write down what is good for
each one

Pure Data




notes from our first meeting

Hello everybody,

I guess it was a great start with fruitful discussions and future
directions. Here are couple of notes for those who could not make it
yesterday's meeting and also agreed rehearsal-schedule for all of us.

We agreed to meet every other Wednesday at Media Lab, 3rd floor for
AULO rehearsals. First rehearsal will be on Wednesday 16th, September
at 17:00. We will meet at the 3rd floor, lecture room. If the 3rd
floor meeting room will be available for AULO rehearsals, later on it
will be possible to begin rehearsals at 16:00 as well.

"Algorithmic Conductor" strategy was highlighted by Matti and Antti
during our meeting, which brought up immediately some AULO composition
opportunities and I guess we should spend some time in our coming
meetings to discuss more on this.

We also agreed to keep AULO in a free-academic structure, therefore we
will have some assignments for each rehearsal meeting. Today, later on
I will send our first assignment for the next rehearsal meeting in a
separate post.

For the rehearsal sessions, we will need to connect each laptop to the
main PA set up through available sound mixers. In order to do that,
each AULO member will bring audio cables with 1/4 inch jack stereo
plug on one end and with 1/8 inch stereo plug on the other end.
. 1/8 inch stereo is for the common laptop audio output, if you will
have a different setup, you will need a suitable plug for that.

if you will come up with any issues to discuss before our next
rehearsal meeting please send it as an email to
, so that your messages will be posted on our blog site and replies
also should be send to, so that
everyone can follow the discussions.

I guess all in all it was a good meeting for the beginning :)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First meeting Reminder --Tomorrow at 16:00, Media Lab, 3rd Floor Lecture Room


just to remind you the previous meeting post,

first meeting will be tomorrow at 16:00 , Media Lab, TaiK,
( Hämeentie 135 D) , 3rd Floor Lecture Room.

see you tomorrow,