Friday, August 21, 2009

-- First Meeting-- 02.09 klo 16:00 @ Mlab 3rd Floor Lecture Room

Hello everybody,

here it our first meeting announcement, pls feel free to share this in
your networks!!

Aalto University Laptop Orchestra - AULO - aims to bring together all
kinds of interests for sharing experimental/electronic music
experience in live performances. AULO is an open group for
experimenting collaborative laptop music both in academic and free

The first AULO meeting will be held on Wednesday, 2nd September from
16:00 - 18:00 at Media Lab (TaiK) 3rd floor Lecture room.

If you would like to take part in AULO rehearsals and performances,
please join us for our first meeting.

During this meeting, we aim to hear everyone's ideas, thoughts,
expectations for AULO and discuss more about having regular meetings
to play/rehears/experiment together. I will also bring some listening
materials for the first session and if you have any related laptop
orchestra recordings please bring them together with you!!!

meeting time & place

16:00 Wednesday, 2nd September

Media Lab, TaiK (3rd floor, Lecture Room)

Hämeentie 135 C-D
The entrance to the Media Lab 3rd floor is in the in the D-stair.

more contact info

enjoy the Night of Art!!!


M.Koray Tahiroglu
tel: +358 45 233 6272

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