Tuesday, June 2, 2009

AULO set up

Two things that should be considered: 1. Personally I like the way, Koray, you said "AULO is an open group for laptop music performances". However there is another way that is strategically wiser: to put AULO as a project course in Aalto Univ. curriculum (Media Factory, or whatever called). AULO could set up its project budget and could invite some guests, and employ probably a project coordinator/leader. The problem with HCO was that there was no money to run it and no one took care of it. It was too open format. 2. Since there are so many laptop orchestras and most of them are in institutions, why not AULO, or AALTO Univ. starts to plan a LO festival here in Helsinki. Probably 2010 summer? - shinji

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