Friday, October 30, 2009

4th Rehearsal and Assignment due 11 November 2009

Segmented Noise structures resulted in interesting pattern creation in
our improvisation. Earlier we practiced with different noise attacks
through Jari's conducting. The guidance in this conducting practice
brought up new ideas for our performances as well. I already sent a
message to Jon about dmx lighting possibilities, but seems like we
will use light to support our conducting model. Hopefully, in our next
rehearsal, we will begin to practice with AULO conducting model.
Julian, can you send email to AULO when you upload the rehearsal
recording to soundcloud?

001_Control layers in AULO instruments

Each AULO member will develop/improve current control interfaces of
the instruments that have been used in AULO rehearsals. This layer
will make it possible to have full control on START/STOP/DURATION/
AMPLITUDE modules on our instruments.



Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rehearsal / Meeting -- 28.10 klo 16:00 @ Mlab, TaiK

Hi all,
We will meet on Wednesday 28.09 at 16:00, Media Lab. 3rd floor meeting room for AULO rehearsal/meeting. You can find the assignment due Wednesday @ and  recordings of the earlier rehearsals @

We will also discuss the coming up December AULO performances, we will play first on Thursday, 17th December @ Mlab Demo day and later on Friday, 18th December @ Ptarmigan.

see you on Wednesday,




Thursday, October 22, 2009

Assignment due 28 October 2009

001_Noise and Controlled Segments

AULO members will build an instrument that will process and manipulate
the sound to output noise. Output should have the dynamic
characteristics of white noise. Control parameters will manipulate the
dynamics ( the amount of happenings/information/differences in the
structure of that particular sound) and control the amplitude level.
The instrument should output loud and rich full sounds.

Instrument should also make it possible to control segments of
performance duration during live practice. It should be easily stopped/
activated/ , producing immediate sound output.

see you next Wednesday,


Monday, October 19, 2009

3rd Rehearsal and AULO performances in December

AULO rehearsal was based on the second assignment and it turned out a
very interesting low frequency-loop structured group improvisation.
You can find the recording @

In December, we will perform first on Thursday, 17th December @ Mlab
Demo day and later on Friday, 18th December @ ptarmigan. Please save
these dates in your calendar and we will talk more during our next

I will send another post later for the next assignment!!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Assignment due 14 October 2009

001_ Low Frequencies ONLY - 100 Hz
Each AULO member will create an instrument that will output only low
frequencies. Audio outcome of the instruments will be lower than 100

002_ Loop
Develop a module in your instrument that will make it possible to
create repetitive loops and control the loop duration.


Friday, October 2, 2009


hi Shinji,

I dont think that anyone will have any objections to this. Please feel
free to play i and also please let us know the time/date of your radio

here are the links to our rehearsals. so far we have only two.

2nd rehearsal

1st rehearsal


On Oct 2, 2009, at 10:21 AM, Shinji Kanki wrote:

> I have an idea.
> I would like to present AULO together with some other "old" orch.
> like the former ImproMasters, Helsinki Computer Orchestra in my
> radio show.
> Would it be OK to play the last recording? Probably a part of it?
> Let me know.
> - shinji

2nd Rehearsal

AULO is on the way to find its own practice and it is currently
developing very well. In our last session, Reha introduced her
instrument, impromptu (, an audio
programing environment which has s code/syntax based structure. I am
not totally sure whether it is open source or not, but it is at least
free distributed and Reha processed interesting sounds with it. We
also had a nice discussion on our performance conducting strategies.

Our last improvisation practice is now available @

We are kindly asked to perform during Media Lab. autumn demo day in
December. Yesterday I met Teemu and he wanted Media Lab performance to
be the first AULO public performance, so we will have a tight schedule
in December :)

Later on during next week, I will send you more info about the next

have a nice weekend,