Friday, October 30, 2009

4th Rehearsal and Assignment due 11 November 2009

Segmented Noise structures resulted in interesting pattern creation in
our improvisation. Earlier we practiced with different noise attacks
through Jari's conducting. The guidance in this conducting practice
brought up new ideas for our performances as well. I already sent a
message to Jon about dmx lighting possibilities, but seems like we
will use light to support our conducting model. Hopefully, in our next
rehearsal, we will begin to practice with AULO conducting model.
Julian, can you send email to AULO when you upload the rehearsal
recording to soundcloud?

001_Control layers in AULO instruments

Each AULO member will develop/improve current control interfaces of
the instruments that have been used in AULO rehearsals. This layer
will make it possible to have full control on START/STOP/DURATION/
AMPLITUDE modules on our instruments.



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