Friday, October 2, 2009

2nd Rehearsal

AULO is on the way to find its own practice and it is currently
developing very well. In our last session, Reha introduced her
instrument, impromptu (, an audio
programing environment which has s code/syntax based structure. I am
not totally sure whether it is open source or not, but it is at least
free distributed and Reha processed interesting sounds with it. We
also had a nice discussion on our performance conducting strategies.

Our last improvisation practice is now available @

We are kindly asked to perform during Media Lab. autumn demo day in
December. Yesterday I met Teemu and he wanted Media Lab performance to
be the first AULO public performance, so we will have a tight schedule
in December :)

Later on during next week, I will send you more info about the next

have a nice weekend,



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