Thursday, June 11, 2009

AULO as a course proposal PART II

I got another email from Aalto University / Media Factory education
coordinator replying as - this course proposal is interesting but it
is a bit far from our thematic "epicenter".

It seems like we couldn't resonate with Aalto University education
"mind" at all, seems like we have to narrow our target-interest scope
a bit.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

AULO as a course proposal

I just received an email from Markku Nousiainen, whom I sent earlier
AULO course proposal for the Aalto University / Aalto Media Factory.
It seems like they cannot really promise anything for this course,
stating that individual courses in Aalto should support their long-
term plans.

Most probably we will be all alone for the autumn term, but AULO will
start and hopefully have one public performance till December and lets
see after December if we can find a place for AULO in any curriculum.
I will keep on contacting with people about this.


The website of the former ImproMasters

Just a reference for AULO.

- shinji

Thursday, June 4, 2009

AULO Mobile

It seems interesting. I think It could even be expanded as mobile
devices orchestra if there is enough software to use in future.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

AULO set up

Two things that should be considered: 1. Personally I like the way, Koray, you said "AULO is an open group for laptop music performances". However there is another way that is strategically wiser: to put AULO as a project course in Aalto Univ. curriculum (Media Factory, or whatever called). AULO could set up its project budget and could invite some guests, and employ probably a project coordinator/leader. The problem with HCO was that there was no money to run it and no one took care of it. It was too open format. 2. Since there are so many laptop orchestras and most of them are in institutions, why not AULO, or AALTO Univ. starts to plan a LO festival here in Helsinki. Probably 2010 summer? - shinji

AULO Blog as AULO mailing list

Welcome to the Aalto University Laptop Orchestra,

AULO blog site will be used for posting and sharing news, info, announcements, ideas and it will be accessible to everyone. Members will also receive email from AULO blog site whenever a new post is sent. In a way, AULO blog site will act like a malinglist, and this will let us to keep our archives accessible at anytime.

There are 2 ways for sending a new post or comment to AULO blog site;

1) you need to have a gmail account and send membership request to email address, after that you can sign in AULO blog site and send your posts.

2) you can send your posts directly to email address as a regular email. Your email will be displayed as a post in AULO blog site automatically.

more news will be @ AULO Blog site!!



Monday, June 1, 2009

like-minded friends around the world

The Seattle Laptop Orchestra

New York University Laptop Orchestra

The Berlin Laptop Orchestra

The Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk)

The Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLork)

Moscow Laptop Orchestra or Cyberorchestra

The London College of Communications Laptop Orchestra

The Tokyo Laptop Orchestra

the Music In Mouvement Electronic Orchestra

EMU Ensemble

mailing list!!

lets begin to collect contact infos and join to AULO mailing list!!
simply send an email to including your name and other contact info. will be our mailing list address.