Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Electric MONSTER laptop ensemble

Hello everybody,

Petri Kuljuntausta posted the below announcement yesterday, and I thought that, even the deadline is pretty soon, maybe we can submit an AULO performance proposal. I will work on this in early August, and I hope most of you will be in Helsinki during the first week of August so that we can have our first AULO meeting and discuss about this issue. Meanwhile, we can of course discuss here on-line.

The Electric MONSTER laptop ensemble at Montana State University will
be born in the fall of 2009. Director Hsiao-Lan Wang is looking for a
few more works written specifically for laptop ensemble. Once
selected, there will be a guaranteed performance of the work this

First, please contact Hsiao-Lan directly to express your interest and
talk about specifics of the technology used.

Deadline of submission: 08/14/2009
Style: open
Who we are: Montana State University, music technology program, up to
12 students/laptops
Contact: Hsiao-Lan Wang,


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