Thursday, September 17, 2009

Notes from the Rehearsal

We did our first rehearsal yesterday at Media Lab 3rd floor meeting
room. Based on the assignment Jari introduced his emulator ported
megasound instrument. It was quite impressive when he began to apply
different filters on the sample channels. Julian introduced his
Supercollider instrument with feedback+reverb manipulation pitch
changes. That sounded interesting and gave a frequency modulation
sound effect when he was changing the pitch values. I did introduce
Pure Data instrument with sinusoidal wave synth instrument where you
can manipulate both the sample index and the center frequency of the
effected voltage controlled bandpass filter. After that, we did 20 min
free jam session. I already uploaded the recorded audio file to
, soundcloud can be a good place to keep our recorded sessions.

Those who could not make it for yesterday, they will still do the
for the next rehearsal which will be on Wednesday, 30th September.
3rd Floor Meeting room has benefits comparing to the lecture room, if
it will be available for our rehearsals we can meet at 16:00. I will
post the rehearsal time later to the blog.

btw, sorry for the earlier spam email I sent, I meant to send it to
Matt; however, the suggestion at the end of the sentence in that email
concerns all of you !! :)


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