Tuesday, June 2, 2009

AULO Blog as AULO mailing list

Welcome to the Aalto University Laptop Orchestra,

AULO blog http://aulaptoporchestra.blogspot.com/ site will be used for posting and sharing news, info, announcements, ideas and it will be accessible to everyone. Members will also receive email from AULO blog site whenever a new post is sent. In a way, AULO blog site will act like a malinglist, and this will let us to keep our archives accessible at anytime.

There are 2 ways for sending a new post or comment to AULO blog site;

1) you need to have a gmail account and send membership request to aulaptoporchestra@gmail.com email address, after that you can sign in AULO blog site and send your posts.

2) you can send your posts directly to aulaptoporchestra.post@blogger.com email address as a regular email. Your email will be displayed as a post in AULO blog site automatically.

more news will be @ AULO Blog site!!



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