Monday, February 15, 2010

blog email address changed

Hi all,

Related to the latest spam messages, I changed the email address tag
that we use to send messages to AULO blog and through that to AULO
members. Here it is the new post address,
. I changed the settings, so now members can send messages to AULO
again. If we get further spam messages, sorry for that in advance
first of all, I will change the email and blog name.



Wednesday, February 10, 2010

sorry for the latest spam messages

Hi all,

I tried to filter spam messages but seems like we are really in
trouble, sorry for the latest spam messages blocking your emails. Now
I changed the settings so that only I can send message to AULO, lets
see if this will stop the spam msg, later we have to find a way to
solve this issue.


Monday, February 8, 2010


Hi all,

Recently AULO received two spam messages, now I banned them for any
future attempts, seems like somebody tries to attach AULO members, I
will try to take care about that :)



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

AULO December Performances

------------ Thursday, 17th December ------------

@ Media Lab 4th Floor, Hämeentie 135 C

AULO plays 5 min. Free Improv - scheduled in Media Lab Demo day
( sometime 1 pm onwards)

----------- Friday, 18th December --------------------

@ Ptarmigan, Nilsiänkatu 10

The AULO collective will present three sets:




+ DJs

Come enjoy the last night at Ptarmigan before Joulu!

doors open 7pm
music starts 8pm

see you all !!!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Rehearsal / Meeting -- 15.12 (Tomorrow) klo 16:00 Mlab, TaiK

hi all,

It seems like Tuesday 15.12 (tomorrow) is good for all of us to meet
once before our December performances. I will try to be there a bit
before 16:00 to put things together.

see you all tomorrow.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Rehearsal / Meeting -- 09.12 klo 16:00 Mlab, Taik

We will mainly rehearse with both Demo Day and Ptarmigan performance
structures. I sent an email to Jon, requesting 2 time slots in the
demo day, 5 min each, one for the performance and one for the
presentation of AULO in general. I cannot access to Onni anymore, Jon
might be busy organizing demo day activities, If anybody will be at
Mlab today, can you please talk to Jon in person about our AULO demo
day request so that we can discuss about our technical requirements on

Seems like we are running out of time a bit, I would suggest to use
the whole 3 hours (16:00-19:00) this Wednesday!!

see you all on Wednesday!!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rehearsal / Meeting -- 02.12 klo 16:00 Mlab, TaiK

Yesterday, I sent the updated AULO toolkit version to all of you, now
it is time to practice with our conducting tool in a continuous
performance task. Tomorrow, we will rehearse three approximately 20
min. improvisation sessions ( 3 X ~20 min. ).

see you tomorrow,